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Tron Pheiffer
Houma, LA

Tron Pheiffer is a product of Houma, Louisiana. The little known town near the Gulf Coast of Mexico doesn’t enjoy a huge hip hop community, but the absence of hip hop culture only makes Tron Pheiffer hungrier in his mission of making a name for himself while putting the city on his back. His deep voice and southern twang gives his flow and lyrism added layers, creating an explosive combination that cuts through his choice of abstract sound selections.


Tron Pheiffer released his first album Androided via bandcamp in October of 2013. The album reflects what makes Tron a special rapper; he is able to create an atmosphere with his music. His sound selection ranges from soulful to experimental. Accompanying each sound is a specific flow and tempo in his rapping, that fits the mood of each specific track. He displays incredible storytelling abilities riding a J.Cole beat in the conscious rap song “brown pyrate” then follows it up with the energetic song “carmine”, a record that would light up dance floors at the club.


The following year Tron Pheiffer follows up with Heroine Chic, a avant garde production that further establishes his unique sound including hidden gems such as “blahzay” and “flours” featuring his counterpart Xris Bolden, who together form the hip hop group BLKRSE.


Although Tron Pheiffer has been around for sometime, blogs and hip hop sites have yet to discover this hidden gem. The hype around him has been largely local with a few fans scattered around the country. Tron Pheiffer recently has teamed up with Grind House Recordings to build a large enough audience deserving of the talent he possesses. His newest album Electronicca, a May 2017 release, paints a picture of who he is and where he’s from, all while making his listeners think to themselves, “yo this dude is something else.”